It is your time ....

Imagine a world where you come first...

Most of us cannot. Because we tend to put everyone and everything before us.  


Which is why I created the 6 week

LOVE, MOVE & VIBE program.



I need 6 weeks.  That is it.  

I want your full attention for 6 weeks.  

I want to take you on a journey.  


  • A journey to look deeper into yourself!

  • To better understand who you are.

  • To remember what it feels like to love yourself.

  • To stop the diet culture mindset we have engrained in our brain and learn new habits, routines and rituals!

  • To understand how to get in "move" days, even with a crazy busy schedule

  • The importance of high-vibe meals in your life, and how to stop demonizing food

  • To escape the negative self talk, and self sabatoge and exchange it for self-love and results!




This is not a diet.  It is not a workout program. This is a holistic approach to being a better, more balance more self-loving mama.. that will, in the end, make you a better YOU.

The keys to your success


You will be provided with weekly journal/workbook assignments for personal and holistic growth!


Gentle plans to slowly shift your mindset, creating new routines, rituals and habits that will foster an environment to be the best version of you!


As a holistic nutritionist I know that what we eat is key to our overall health, however as a mom I understand it is not always that easy. This program is created with the busy YOU in mind! 


Movement is essential to your health. You will have optiopns for move days at home or in the gym, with video guidance!

What others have said about the program!

"My cravings have diminished significantly, sleeping better, a positive shift in my mindset"

"Our weekly check ins always came with motivation and drive about our mindset and keeping positive. This program got me back on track and I have full intentions to continue with this life style."

"Melissa is more than a holistic health & transformation coach.  She is a friend, a coach,and a loving mom at the same time.  She pushes you when she knows you can do more and supports you in time of need.  You are never alone in the process.  Her approach is unique.  and edit me. It's easy."


In depth chat about your where you are at in your personal journey, your goals and how we can get you there using the SHIFT Mindset strategy!
FREE Chat with Coach Melissa
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Are you ready?

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