Meet Melissa

Melissa Melnychuk CHHC. is a Certified Holistic Health Coach, and is also Plant-Based Certified from Cornell University. Melissa started her practice in 2010 and has worked with women and men from all walks of life.  From those who may be on a new health journey, entrepreneurs, traveling executives, stay at home moms, former fitness competitors, athletes and more. 


The central message that Melissa shares with her clients is that there should be a love for YOU, in any SHIFT you make. That anything you do should first be for yourself.


As a mom of 3 and former athlete Melissa understands how to balance a holistic lifestyle. Melissa went back to school in 2010, to become a holistic health coach. Her approach is gentle and looks deeper than a diet. She doesn't believe in restrictions or limitations, but eating high-vibration foods, and being active with things you want to be doing! Melissa provides health coaching, 90-day lifestyle programs, nutrition and workouts based on your individual needs. There are no rules, just a desire to help you get to the absolute BEST version of YOU!

Mindset + Training

It's time to say 'YES' to yourself!

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